Inflatables fun session

Mondays 3.45pm – 4.45pm

Casual use rules

Pods can be booked for a maximum of 6 people, children are included in this total – each pod must consist only of people from a maximum of 2 households/bubbles.

Adults must not move between pods.

Pods will be separated by a minimum of 2 metres. The Sports centre will set out tables/pods in advance, these must not be moved.

Each adult must provide track and trace details on arrival, either by scanning the QR code or providing their details at reception prior to entering the sports hall.

Adults must remain seated at their table/pod, other than to use toilet facilities or when providing assistance to a child/ren. When leaving the table, adults must follow the one-way system and remain 2 metres from other adults.

Only one person allowed in the toilets any a time, unless accompanying a child.

Adults must refrain from ‘playing’ on the equipment. Only children aged 10 and under are permitted to use the inflatables.

Food is table service only.

All customers must leave the room promptly at the end of their session/booking, no members of the public allowed to remain in the room whilst it is being cleaned/sanitised.

Adults must wear face masks until seated at their table, (unless the permitted not to wear a mask for medical reasons).

Any person showing any COVID-19 symptoms must NOT attend. The centre reserves the right to prohibit any person who is displaying symptoms from entering the building.


  • Maximum age – children 10 years old and under. 
  • Session time – 1 hour. 


To book your pod...

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